10 Things you need to know about essay writing

10 Things you need to know about essay writing

When you’re tasked with writing an essay for school or college, it can be a daunting prospect. You have so much you need to fit in and you just don’t have enough words. Or you have so many words to fill and so little you can think to say. To make things all the easier for you, we’ve put together 10 hints and tips from the pros that will see your approach to essay writing improve overnight.

Start by drafting your subheadings

Subheadings are a great way to break up an essay, even if you don’t include them in the final draft. What you’re doing is creating a roadmap that will tell you where to go with your words. It’s something that all writers of extended pieces of text do, even the author of this piece!

Outline your argument on paper before writing a single word

As well as drafting those subheadings, you need to outline your argument on a separate side of the paper. If you’re unsure of what your subheadings should be, then it’ll more than likely be the case that you haven’t gotten your argument clear in your head. Go away and think about it, and your essay will get written so much faster once you come back to the table.

Don’t aim for perfection in your first draft

Too many people agonize over the title and introduction and forget that they have another 4 pages to write. The most important thing is to get your ideas down on paper and then read them back to yourself. You’re always going to find things you need to think some more about, and that’s a good thing. It’s how you end up with a first-class essay at the end of it all.

Fact check everything your argument is based on

There’s nothing worse than basing your entire argument on fake news or a false assumption. Never be afraid of scrutinizing your facts, and throwing them out if need be. It’s a sign of progress, not a sign that you’re taking too long.

Decide on the style of language you’re going to use, and stay consistent

Chopping and changing the way you write from one paragraph to the next is a surefire way to confuse the reader. Assess who your audience will be, and decide on a style of writing that will do your argument justice. Once you’ve done that, stick to it.

Speaking to an expert is a great way to get inspiration

You might decide that you want to Get Academic Help, and that’s absolutely fine. Speaking to an expert is a great way of formulating new ideas and advancing understanding. Just make sure you do it in plenty of time so that you don’t spend all week worrying when you could have simply gone and sought out the answers you were in need of.

Proofreading is vital, so never skip it

Once you meet your word count, you just submit your essay and be down with it right?

Absolutely not; you need to start proofing. You are bound to find things you want to change, so change them, redraft if necessary, and then proofread again. The more you go round that cycle, the better the end product will be, and therefore the higher your grade will be.

Stick to what you know

Trying to be too clever is one of the cardinal sins of essay writing. You may have seen someone else use an elaborate turn of phrase and saw that it was well received, but if it’s not in keeping with the rest of your language then it will stand out for all the wrong reasons. Keep to what you know, and your essay will do your arguments justice.

Word counts are requirements, not guides

There’s nothing to be gained from going 1000 words over the word count. They’re there to stop you from writing forever and a day, and they’re also a test of how concise you can be with your language.

The more concise you are, the more precise your essay will be

If you can say something in a dozen words rather than a hundred, then do it. It’ll make your essay infinitely more readable and easy to digest, and it’ll almost certainly result in a significantly higher grade for your efforts.

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