International Women’s Day Party in Shangri La Minsk

Infinite opportunities to satisfy your passion for table games await…

International Women’s Day is an excellent opportunity to visit a casino and have a good time. Shangri La Casino, the best casino in Minsk, hosts an original party on this occasion on March 9, 2019. A SerGa band concert and German cuisine evening will take place during one day and it is definitely worth seeing!

SerGa is a great gift for the lovely ladies on the International Women’s Day! Only on the 9th of March, in the Shangri La casino, all good music lovers will have an evening in the company of the legendary rock band!

German cuisine from the eminent German Chef Mark Ulrich will delight strong men. During this evening, Mark will present all the most favorite national dishes for the guests: beef rumda, sausages with bacon, relish meatballs and much more. A pleasant addition to the evening will be 15,000 surprises.

Exquisite vacation in Shangri La Casino Minsk

Shangri La is one of the most famous casinos in Belarus, which has been loved by guests since 2009. This spacious casino with all the popular games offers top level relaxation. It’s nice to play here, enjoy the author’s cuisine, watch interesting shows and participate in sweepstakes.

Guests receive international service, because the casino is a part of the international network of Michael Boettcher Storm International. This is a sign of quality, because the brand is well known throughout Eastern Europe. Its distinctive features are a high level of service, fair play, high prizes and maximum comfort for visitors.

Another good feature of Shangri La is themed parties with jackpots. Every season something really great happens at the place. And every week guests become owners of some pleasant surprises.

What awaits you in Shangri La Minsk?

Shangri La Casino has been recognized as the best in Belarus for five year in a row according to the International Choice of the Year Prize! For sixteen years, the organizers of the competition have been determining national leaders among the goods and services in various categories on the Belarusian market. That is why inside you will find true luxury, exquisite decoration, polite treatment and a truly great holiday. Excellent service complements the luxurious interior, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Inside there are 15 gaming tables with popular games: roulette, blackjack, poker. Slot machines fans will find dozens of carefully selected slots from the best manufacturers. For VIP guests there are two private halls where the game is played with high stakes.

The restaurant of the author’s cuisine managed by Mark Ulrich leaves no one indifferent. The chef has remained unchanged for many years, and every time guests receive excellent dishes and tasty experiments. Shangri La Minsk is one of the few casinos in the world that organizes gastronomic evenings on an ongoing basis.

All-inclusive style Junket

Shangri La Minsk provides its guests with maximum service during the junket tour: accommodation in the best hotels of Minsk. All organizational issues are assumed by the casino representative, and all that is necessary for guests is to present their passport at the reception desk of the selected hotel. When you make a one-time purchase of chips to play a certain amount when ordering a junket tour, a special offer is valid.

Junket tour member receives free drinks and meals in the restaurant, transfer from the airport to the hotel, to the casino and to the airport. If special promotions are held in the casino, the guest is guaranteed to participate in these promotions.

Every visit to the casino is a holiday

Shangri La works so the guests can enjoy a feeling of real holiday. Therefore, every weekend special events are held. The advantage of such evenings is excellent cuisine and additional surprises for guests. Even a visitor who has made just one bet gets a chance to become the owner of an unexpected prize, said Darren Keane, Shangri La CEO.

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